Top quality is our key concern

Quality inspection & certificates

Our thorough quality inspection and achieved quality certicates are a reflection of our strive to top products.

We monitor the quality of the products very close at each stage of the process. This is all based on our risk analysis.

  • Contracts with local farmers
  • Field inspections of the crops
  • Entry control of raw materials
  • Follow up the production process: different machines for each type of vegetable to remove quality defects and foreign bodies.
  • Checks of the semi-finished product
  • Follow up the packing process: quality product and packaging, setting and checks of different machinery as optical sorter and metal detector.
  • Loading checks
  • Our products are analysed on microbiology, pesticides and heavy metal according to our sampling plan.

IFS Food

We are IFS-certified since 2012. The audits are unannounced since 2017.

BRC Food Certificate

We are BRC-certified since 2002. The audits are unannounced since 2017.


We certify that all our product are not genetically modified.

Halal & Kosher

All of our products are suitable for Kosher and Halal. We are certified for most of our products.


We certify that all our product are not ionized.

Our process for putting quality into practice

From farmer to customer:
these are the steps we take to guarantee you the required quality.

1. Field management

Selection of the best fields, analysis of the seeds and the plants, minimal use of plant protection products, maintain an up to date field database.

2. Harvest

At the optimal moment with adapted harvesting equipment and a rapid transport from field to factory.

3. Cleaning and cutting

Remove sand and non-consumable parts of the product, peeling and cutting.

4. Foreign body detection

Visual control and control with electronic scanning machines.

5. Blanching

During 1 to 3 minutes at 75°C to 95°C depending on size of vegetables in order to inactivate enzymes, reduce micro-organisms, fix the natural colour, prevent changes in taste.

6. Cooling

Preserve the colour, texture and structure after blanching.

7. Freezing

Better texture and taste thanks to a quick and rapid freezing process.

8. Bulk storage

In temperature controlled warehouses, permanent supply for year-round deliveries, independent of seasons.

9. Packing

Protects the product from dehydration and contamination in suitable packaging, metal and weight control.

10. Distribution

Fully automated and temperature controlled, with adapted transport.